Does he have a crush?

There is a guy at my job that I have a crush on. I am not his type (slim, long hair, petite) but I sometimes get the feeling he may have a crush on me. When we are with others we talk, laugh and have a good time, but when we are alone he is quiet, doesn't make eye contact and fidgets a lot. When others in the office tease him about me he doesn't respond but if they tease him about another girl he tells them she isn't his type.


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  • How do you know you're not his type?

    You may not be his type, but he could still have a crush on you. I've liked girls, or had crushes on girls, who I never thought were my type. Heck most of my life I was more into redheads and brunettes and wasn't into blondes. My GF of a few years now is a blonde. She wasn't my 'type' but I fell for her regardless.

    Not sure if those are surefire signs you mention, but they are signs he may be into you. I used to act like that around girls I liked. Test it out maybe, talk to him a bit, see how he is when you both talk. Try flirting with him subtly and see how he reacts. If you see he does like you maybe try making the first most.

    If you like him and just want to know, just ask him out. Sometime's it's better to know how he feels than to ask 'what if'. Plus if you ask him out he may consider it even if he didn't have a crush on you.


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  • Ask him if he does.


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  • even if u r not his type... then that means he MIGHT be attracted by yer personality basically...;-)


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