Has it been long enough do I re-ask her? Have I waited long enough?

I meet this really amazing girl not to long ago. We seemed to have a instant connection. I added her on Fb, a few days later I asked her out. She said she would like to meet up but she needs a bit of time right now she has recently got out of a bad relationship. and is a bit unsure of her self. but she would love to get to know me"

I left it at that. And haven't asked since. It's now been about a week. We have spoke more or less every day. and not just one or two messages. A lot of messages. 20-30+ a day.

Although she has never started a conversation with me. It has always been me starting it. But I find that is the same with everyone I talk to. She said she wants to get to know me but hasent really asked me any questions. She did state that she does'nt really like asking questions.

So do I strike up a convo and get on the topic of where I would take her out and say I was thinking of going there on blah blah day, want to join me. and see what happens. Or do I give it more time.

I don't want to wait to long and someone else come along and beats me to it.
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That's part of the problem I have meet her once. And that was when we 1st met. How do I ask her to meet up as friends without using the word friend. Last thing I want is to be friend zoned lol
To everyone Voting "Wait Longer" How much longer would you say?


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  • This week is no better than last week. Just wait


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  • Well don't go too try hard. That might be bad. If she likes you well enough she will go out with you but that's truly up to her. All you can do is be you and see what happens. It's just a girl after all worst comes to worse she isn't your destiny.

    Ask her out for a casual date maybe? No pressure to jump right into a relationship. Like coffee would he perfectly fine. If she declines a casual date she is probably not that into you or just stringing you along for some reason.

    • So when she comes into work Should I ask her then, face to face. Or Should I do it by text again?
      P. s I don't want to make it uncomfortable for her to come into my work

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    • Yeah definitely let me know. Good luck man.

    • Well it didn't go to plan, Meaning she came in but got server by another colleague so everything I had planned just fell apart.
      So I have been talking to her. she's explained a few things and that she just needs time. I've made my intentions clear to her. And she's cool with it, but just needs time. And she's worth the wait.

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  • Wait longer. Let it hit a month


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  • "I don't want to wait to long and someone else come along and beats me to it." If she likes you and just came out of a bad relationship, that won't happen. I'll only say it once, DO NOT be insecure. If I were you I would wait a little bit longer but slowly ease into it. I would try hanging out with her casually to get her comfortable with being around you.


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