How to handle a flake, I told him a piece of my mind?

We had an on and off history. Never sex. He would sometimes disappear. So then I got pissed when he waited days to text me and acted like nthing happened, so I ignored him. And blocked him, over a year ago. Then I got a new phone. And I ran into him online, but not on a dating site, just networking.

Recently he messaged me and I spoke to him a bit. I did enjoy the dude but so flaky. So this was three weeks ago. Two weeks ago we spoke about potential plans for two days later, and he said in our chat that he will let me know if he is available. We kept chatting and then he did not talk to me the next day, nor did he call me for plans. Now it is two weeks since we last spoke and he messaged me how was my holidays. I did NOT tell him I was away and he waited so long to get back to me. I am MAD

So I wrote him in response "I don't appreciate it when I make plans with someone and the person doesn't get back to me. Two weeks ago you said you will let me know about plans on X day and you never followed up"

So far he has not said something else. I felt like I wanted to communicate and get my piece out, even if he doesn't answer I don't care! Just wanted to say it instead of being passiv aggressive.

What do you think? did I handle it well? He probably won't answer, right? Good cause I do not care!


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  • Go ahead and give him a piece of your mind if it makes you feel better. He is not worth contemplating over much more than that. block him again. Flakiness is a deal breaker, both in friendships and relationships


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  • You do care. You keep going back like a little puppy. Put this guy in your rearview.


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