Define a sexy woman/man according to you?

Someone who is confident in everything they do


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  • A sexy woman to me is a go getter, she knows what she wants and goes for it
    She is classy and sassy, but not rude
    She knows how make her self look good without looking scandalous

    thats my sexy woman


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  • sexy men has some muscle but not huge. muscle can get boring also. little bit of hair on his arms and legs and chest. blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, any eyes could be awesome. - this is just ideal, in reality, someone who knows me a lot even when I am not telling him anything. He just give me a feeling that he cares, basically he is lesbian. sexy women are curvy, big ass big tit, big lips, blonde red hair, long slender legs and arms, out going, social, adventurous personality but that's just ideal also. someone who is dark and wait for you to come and happy to see you anytime and give you what you want like food and massage and love you for the rest of your life.


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