Will a guy with aspergers be a turn off?

I have aspergers got diagnosed today Psych says that this is why I dont have good social relations with anyone. would this be a turn off for girls?


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  • Nope! In fact I'm crushing on somebody with Aspergers right now :) Unless intimacy became an issue, I don't see why it would matter... nobody is truly "normal" anyway.

    • personally I'm only bad with social cues like I can't shut up when people get annoyed or if a girl likes me I would never know unless she says "hey I like you"

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    • Sorry, I didn't read your second to last reply until now - you aren't ugly!

    • well thanks but i guess thats something I gotta work on myself but meh I'll see how treatment helps

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  • I have one friend with Asperger's who is terrible with girls. Even though he doesn't advertise the fact that he has Asperger's, one can tell that he is a little odd.

    I have another friend with Asperger's who is great with girls and who one would never guess has Asperger's.


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  • I've heard of assburgers. I just think if you wear the burger on your ass in the privacy of your own own the girls won't know.

    But go out with your ass always smelling like a whopper will creep some girls out.

    I think you're cool. No worries!


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