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Soooooooo I'm in 9th grade (14-About to turn 15) and there is this 11th grader (18) who has a crush on me. He keeps telling my friend he wants to be with me and he will never stop talking about me. Him and I are pretty good friends, we text sometimes, and he always flirts with me. He is really good looking (I actually had a crush on him at the beginning of the year, but if kinda went away because I thought I never would have a chance with him) and has a really good personality. I'm just kinda nervous about the age difference. Is this weird, or should I find someone else?


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  • Well since he's in 11th grade and not in 12th (going off to College), it's not like he has much option besides under aged girls.

    3 years isn't that big if a difference.
    But highschool developmental (maturity-wise) makes it.
    If your family is ok with the age difference , then go for it !
    When you're both adults...3 years is nothing.


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  • My friend went to jail he was in the same situation. Its no big difference just be careful.


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