Who's more shallow and superfical?

I think women are. They are good at lying about things. It's natural selection for them to cheat. Also feminism provokes and encourages them to be shallow and cheat.

Im an average guy. I don't attract women cause my looks aren't good enough.

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  • I think both men and women are highly superficial, so it's a toss up, however I think men are more superficial about things that don't matter nad women are more superficial about things that do matter.

    • Whoa! I never thought of it like that.

      But I suppose if it matters for men, then it actually does matter. Lol.

      But yeah. Women are superficial about wealth and being taken care of, guys are superficial about looking good and comfort.

    • Huh?

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What Girls Said 12

  • I don't think at all that it is about females or males. I think it is having to do with the persons attitude. Because I have met shallow girls and shallow guys. But I have also met guys who are not shallow and girls who are not shallow. 😊

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    • Lol womem only care about looks. It's why I'm single. I don't have good enough looks

    • I agree girl!

  • Oh boy another angry male user putting women down. Surprise surprise

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  • i think that no one is in a place to say who is or isn't more shallow because no one has experienced every member from the opposite gender

    #generalisation32 -.-

  • men are more shallow but women are more highhorse bitches

    • I've heard that term high horse. Please define

    • iv heard of google its a nice online device

    • Wow. Ok then. I was right about women then.

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What Guys Said 12

  • I'm sorry to say but we are. I don't discriminate with the ladies but I see other guys treat them like they have to look this and that to be attractive. No wonder they insecure. Y'all dudes can hate me for it but yeah guy are more shallow.

    • Ok. I was once a stripper. So uh yea. I think ur jealous

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    • Why would I be jealous of that?

    • Like seriously bro, why do I have to be jealous of middle aged man being a stripper?

  • "Im an average guy. I don't attract women cause my looks aren't good enough."

    AHHHHHHhhhhh I see what you did there.
    This is satire isn't it?

    • Huh?

    • I thought you were serious for a second but when I got to that sentence my brain refuse to accept the fact that someone actually conjured that sentence.

  • Guys are shallow. But women are more shallow. They put all their stock into their looks (both physically and socially). They'll lie left and right to their friends to make them "feel good", and won't think twice about it. Whereas men (at least my friends) are more likely to be honest about something even if it hurts your feelings. Men also care about how they look, but in my opinion they care more about what they want and what makes them happy about their looks rather than what other people think they should be.

    For example: My girlfriend spends at least an hour and a half getting ready even though she hates going through the hassle and would rather wear sweats and a hoodie to school, but it's socially unaccepted by other girls as looking "trashy" and "sloppy" where as I spend 20 minutes (if that) to get ready and feel perfectly happy with the outcome of jeans and a teeshirt and a jacket or hoodie. If she only cared about how she feels about her appearance then she could spend about 20 to 30 minutes getting ready every morning and be happy, but she cares more about how other people view her than how she views herself.

  • You are.

    No but seriously it's individuals not gender don't just stereotype a whole group so you don't have to actually try and differentiate decent women from aholes.

  • Women are more shallow but men are more douchebaggerry assholish

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