Do you think they're dating?

So my ex is a VERY big manwhore/player. He is constantly sleeping with different girls, using them, and talks to a lot of girls. Even sometimes his text inbox will have 100 unread messages. Anyway he dated this girl Emma and not long ago starting hanging out with her bff. Once she was bitching at him and he said "I haven't even fcked her yet". Which maybe means he thinks she's already sprung? And I recall them trying to go in the bathroom together once at a party. She took a vacation with her bff Emma (his ex) and they were all hanging out. He had to pay probrally 200 to see them because he lives in a diff. city where they went and I'm guessing he spent the night with him because they were out LATE.
I thought that was a lot off effort and time. I'm thinking he could be doing all this just to fvck her because he does make EFFORT to do so. Or they could be possibly talking like a relationship. but then again he has a kind of dating site he uses and he's on there EVERYDAY. What do you think?
Well obviously, and it's not like I'm trying to get him back. I just like to know whats going on around me. You could have answered the question instead of trying to give life advice.


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  • Guys have to make an effort to get into a girls pants. Being a manwhore, especially out of school or varsity is like a second job. So I reckon he is playing her. I read an article where one dude has a process: he puts in effort into one girl and then less effort into the other 3. So he only plays four at a time. Any more and he reckons its unmanageable.


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  • Why would u care? His man parts are being slung everywhere because he can't keep it in his pants. Whether he's dating her or not shouldn't matter. You should want no part of this


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