Girls, do you ever like a guy after knowing him for a while?

Do you know pretty soon if a guy would ever peak your interest? or can a guy wear you down with persentince or other (unintentional) things over time. is there a point after you meet a guy where he is friendzoned (or nozoned) permenantly?


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  • I recently started casually seeing a friend I have known for 3 years, we ran into each other after a while of not seeing each other and we just instantly connected and I was oddly attracted to him like I hadn't been before. Honestly our attraction level is crazy because we already liked eachothers personalitys (hence why we are friends) so that plus the new spark of attraction made things REALLY intense. More intense than my past relationships.


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  • It very much depends on the guy! For example I met this guy and had ABSOLUTELY NO INTREST in him what so ever. I didn't completely friendzone him but then again I never looked at him that way. After awhile I started hanging out with ( a week) and I slowly started to like him and soon enough I was sprung for him. As for other guys that I never liked from the beginning, it was either their looks, personality, or some other factor. Give a girl about a week and what she shows then usually determines if she likes you.
    xoxo good lucc.

  • There's always an initial attraction, but I never really fall for someone until I get to know them. If they have an amazing personality, they can go from a 7 to a 12 on a scale from 1-10 easily ;P


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