How often to contact guy online? what to say?

I met him online and we both like each other, only i had a problem in my last relationship where I was used to talking to my bf everyday and became too dependent I last video chatted him Sunday night, and then he responded to a message Tuesday morning and I responded back...I'm not sure when to chat again now...

I want to send him a message but i can't sound needy to him it has to be more cool, what should i say?

but i also dont want to lose momentum

I think i really like him, i haven't liked anyone this much


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  • Honestly in my opinion id try to talk to him regularly. I've gotten in to multiple online "things" with girls and i like it when they talk to me a lot if anything you DON'T wanna stop because the guy will think you lost interest.

    • what should i say? i was thinking whats up, how are you but they seem lame I don't know...

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    • can i message you?

    • Sure you can massage me!

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  • Well, im not good at this.. but usually I would go for 'pull the ropes'... quite risky if go to far.. depends :-)

  • Get to know him, once you know more about himconservation comes naturly


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