Does a guy always mean it when he says "you're not the one"? And how can a girl be the one?

First of all this guy was into me and loved me, he would send me flowers, tell me he loves me, drive across country to see me etc. but when we finally kissed and things were getting real, he said he didn't want a relationship. After several discussions, and finally confronting him yesterday he said he realised i wasn't the one. I stopped tlaking to him after our kiss, he came to a party just to see (told me so) and left after we spoke for 5 min (nothing special). He then got out of bed in the middle of night a few months later just to meet me during my layover. Why does he do so much for me if he doesn't even see a future with me. Also, he still asked to be friends yessterday since I am back at uni but I told him I don't want to be second best and that we're not buddies. He has been trying really hard to be friends but I refuse each time. I would generally believe a guy but in his case, he doesn't act like i'm just anyone and he constantly says he cares about me.


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  • My guess: sexual chemistry

    • Thats the only reason he still acts that way? Or you mean that its missing? We didn't have sex...

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    • Thank you so so much! Do you mind if I pm sometime? If I have a problem? You give good advice and you're a guy:)

    • Sure, go ahead.

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