Girls, would you go out with me?

there is a girl that I've seen a couple of times in library we chatted a little bit and i took her number so to day I want to ask her on a date
I'm athletic I have a lot of trophies in gymnastics
i write poetry for the local newspaper
Would you go out with me ??

im a singer in a local club and a 2nd year medicine student. And this is my pic
so if you were this girl would you go out with me ??
if no why not ??


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  • it all depends on the kind of girl that you're interested in, like what kind of guys she goes for :)

    • She is shy clumsy and beuityfull and she have asked what type of girls do you and told I don't have atype as long as I love her and when I asked her back she told that I have to figure that my self , I thought this was kinda sign and that why I'm going to ask her today what do you think?

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    • Thank you so much i really needed some Encouragement ❤️❤️

    • Anytimeeee 😊 goodluckkk! 👏👏

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