I think she likes me too but I think i'm not acting fast enough? Should I escalate things physically?

So there is this girl I like, we have the same class together. We're both juniors at a University. Long story short, I likes her and I had her come over to my place 2 days ago and all we did was just talk for 2 hrs because I didn't want her to think I invited her just for sex.. I wanna invite her over again but this time, should I escalate things physically, So that she can see me as a bf matrial? I was planning on asking her to come over to give me a massage today.. When I she does come over, how should I approach to kiss her? She is amazingly beautiful.


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  • if you're questioning yourself to escalate it physically that quick then maybe not yet, why not just give it time and see if she gives you anymore hints

    • She somewhat does, but I feel like she's just shy and there an ex in the pic , and I dont wanna lose her to him because I wasn't "manly" enough.

    • there's nothing manly about rushing physical stuff, but if you think its what is best then go for it! goodluck man! :)

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  • Do things at your own pace. If you're thinking about escalating things do it because you truly want to not because you think she won't like you If you don't. You have to do what's best for you.


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