To what extent does this girl love this guy?

My best friend had been liking a classmate since a long time. In the last class of our semester, she went to a market with me, bought a beautiful bouqet and cake for him (told me his birthday is tomorrow and we won't be having a class so she wants him to cut cake today), then I saw her wrapping a ribbon over knife. She even said to him she loves him and she proposed him. The guy rejected her in a polite manner. But I never saw my friend disrespectful with him even then. Even if that guy misbehaved and spoke harsh, she remained quiet upon which that guy himself realised and apologised to her. Whenever she talks to me, she always tell me she likes his hands, and wish to hold them, she wishes to kiss his lips, she wishes to sit close to him and to caress his hands lovingily. A day before her final project, that guy asked her for her camera (he needed it for a friend's wedding), she didn't think about for a single moment that she'd be needing it herself and handed it over to him and said to me, "I didn't wish to say him NO. If he feels happy taking photos, then I am happy." I feel my friend loves him like hell. Is it true? On the other hand, the guy is not avoiding her, infact he calls her oftenly. Are they getting close?


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  • Enough to want to be physical with him.. so a lot I guess.


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