Is the guy who rejected me suddenly have the hots for me?

Long story short I liked this guy and my friend told me that he said he didn't like me. Fast forward two months I hadn't talked to the guy at all but got to spend some time with him because for a week we sat next to eachother in standerized testing. We would joke, he would whisper with me during the test, and tease me. I had this problem with my rib cage and he gave me his hand and I touched it to my ribs. He pulled away after about five seconds. Now in the hallway we smile, wave, talk, walk together, and more recently he started initiating the conversations. He smiles, I smile and flirt. Could he be into me?


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  • This happened to me too! I reckon he probably likes you, take it slow though... He'll probably start to show more obvious signs if he likes you after a while...
    But I'd imagine he's into you! If he's making the effort to come and speak to you and to acknowledge you it can only be a good sign right?
    When this happened to me I was really confused at first but the guy kept talking to me and make the effort to come and have a conversation and now we've been together nearly 4 months! So I'd definitely say it was possible!
    Just be yourself and be confident with yourself and I'm sure he'll grow to love you! (If he doesn't he must be missing out on a great person)
    Hope this helped! Good Luck
    Lucy xx

    • Omg I'm 14 too and I was so happy to see ur situation worked out cause that means it's possible! XD thanks so much!

    • Haha yeah I thought it was just me when it happened! It turns out it is possible!

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  • It sounds like he is. Guys are wired weird. They don't think about things first. When he said he didn't like you, he probably hadn't really given it that much thought and just said no. Now that he's getting to know you he seems to like you.


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