Should I ever give her the letter?

Long story short: My ex and I were in a long-distance relationship that ended after close-to 4 years. It was a nasty ending, only because the distance got to both of our heads and we both became paranoid of cheating (which she admitted to a couple months after the breakup). We were each other's first loves, and we knew if it wasn't for the distance we could have stayed together forever.

After the breakup, there was a solid year and a half of no-contact with the exception of her sending me a birthday text (which was 3 days late and I never responded to); and I sent her a text months later when I heard her grandfather was sick to say I was sorry to hear about him not doing well (he was a role model and mentor to me). When her birthday rolled around I sent her a birthday text to "repay the favor" and actually hoped she wouldn't respond like I didn't when she texted me, but she did respond and informed me that she was home from college for a semester, and that she wasn't doing very well. It was a short conversation but every three weeks or so leading up to now I get random texts from her, hinting that she would like to grab coffee or lunch and catch up (some actually saying that) but then she dissapears for another three weeks and it never happens. Im hoping that she either shows interest and follows through, but more so that she dissapears for good because I dont want this on my mind anymore.

A couple months after we broke up, I wrote her a letter (mainly for my own closure) just letting her know that I forgive her for what happened, that she meant a lot to me, and how much I learned through the good and bad times about life and myself.

So the questions is, if she ends up dissapearing for good, do I send her this letter, or just let it "lay to rest"? I have no intention of getting back with her, but I also want her to know my current feelings since they hace not changed since I wrote the letter.
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  • You should send it so it could be the final thing for you to get the closure.

    • What do you think she will do/think?

      I have let a couple a couple girls read it, without letting them know I wrote it by changing the name and saying I found it online, and all the girls said it was very well written, very romantic, and would make them start crying and want to go find "this guy." But those are girls that dont know the history behind the letter and read it out-of-context

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    • Yea thats what I was thinking and why I added "if she ends up dissapearing for good should I send it" in the question.

    • You should still send it for yourself, just be firm on what you are wanting if there isn't any part of you that wants to get back together.

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  • Send it brotha. I would.


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  • Don't open that can of worms. Let writing it and expressing those feelings be enough.

  • Absolutely, you may send it, do it for your mental health...


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