Should I meet up with him or not?

We went out for months but not official as we both said it was just 'seeing each other'. We spent V-day together, did sleepovers and lots of fun and good memories. But a month ago, he texted me saying that he found out that his ex, his first serious girlfriend, has a new relationship, which made him realise that maybe he didn't completely get over her he needed some space to get through the emotions coz he felt wrong and guilty to see me while he had that feeling. He wanted us to stay in touch and be friends. I was so upset and sad but there was nothing I could do. I had to accept it coz I don't wanna be that kind of needy and clingy girl. I like him for sure but I'm not that desperate. During the month, we didn't meet but texted time to time and all convos were very casual.

Last week he texted that he would like to see me sometime soon. I was okay with it so I agreed. But all my friends said it was a terrible idea, he is a dickhead and he's gunna hurt me again. One of my close male friends warned me that there's only one reason he wants to see me coz he wants to have sex with me again. I still like him but not that much. Guys, I need your help, please!!! Should I meet up with him? Why does he want to see me? Is this all about sex? Thank you sooooooo much!!!


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  • He's not worth it, you are the rebound

    • I know he's not. I've been thinking about this rebound thing for a few days. At first I didn't believe that I'm his rebound girl, but now I know, yeah, I am. Otherwise, I couldn't think of any other reasons why he wants to see me... Thank you :)

    • :D happy to help!!!

  • To be honest, i don't think it's a good idea to see him again, but I can see that you like him quite a lot, so you can give a try, but you may probably get hurt. But you will learn from it, so just follow your heart and see what will happen, that's my idea.

    Actually my position is similar with your this guy, you can check it out, and I also hope you can help me here:

    • Thank you! Now I've started to doubt this decision, feel like I'm an idiot... I don't wanna him fool me twice and honestly, I think this meetingup could be a revenge. I'm gunna dress hot and make him realise what he's missing! Haha

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    • So I shouldn't meet up with him?

    • you can choose.. if you like him a lot then you can meet him, maybe he will turn to be like you more

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