In your personal experience, or with someone you know, does this ever work?

This guy I know is going through a divorce. His soon to be ex wife has already moved out of the house. We have been talking for about three months now. He initiates conversations, phone calls, etc. We talk daily. We have seen each other multiple times since we started talking. We have slept together recently for the first time and he talks to me more now that we slept together than before. He calls me beautiful, gives me kisses on my forehead, and loves cuddling with me so we can talk about whatever topic comes up.

Is it possible that I'm a rebound or could this actually turn into something? I asked him what his intentions were. He said he really likes me and he wants to see if this could develop into something. He said, "I don't want to force anything though. I also have to finalize my divorce before I get into anything. So if you're comfortable with things, just for now, I'd like to go with the flow. Once I'm officially divorced we can discuss this matter further."


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