Should I send the dreaded double text?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months now. Things are great... when we're in person or talking on the phone. For the past couple weeks though, when we text, he just randomly stops replying. It didn't really bug me before. I have a life so I'm not constantly glued to my phone waiting for him to text back or anything. But it's been a few weeks and it's getting a little annoying now, especially when HE initiates the convo, doesn't text back, but then goes and likes my posts on facebook or looks at my snapchats. This morning he did it again and I kinda felt blown off. I hate double texting, but should I text him again asking what the deal is? Or call him and just plan to meet in person? Or is my PMS making it a bigger deal than it is? Lol.


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  • okay.. when he stopped replying.. did your last reply require a response? cause honestly most girls don't get that when I just stop out of nowhere hahaa.

    • It did, yesterday I asked if he wanted to hang out since I was getting out of class early. And today I replied to his "wyd" question and asked him what he was up to. No response either time, but he's on my Facebook -_- lol

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    • So do you think he's doing it to get some sort of reaction from me? I'm pretty laid back, so it's gonna take more than that to make me super upset. normally I'd take that as disinterest, but when we're in person things are super cool. I just don't know what his deal is and I'm a little afraid to ask.

    • its possible he could just be an in person kinda guy when it comes to being social. but just leaving you hanging like that, it really is... off..

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  • If you're at a hormonal time, like pms, everything could seem different in your head. Also, two texts in a row is the limit before it's weird/clingy. Maybe he didn't hear it, or had nothing to say to that. Maybe go do something peaceful or happy and turn your phone off until it's done? Accidentally playing it cool is still playing it cool.


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