If guy is really interested, can I scare him away by showing too much interest?

I like this guy, we were dating before, but we split up and but he started to contact me again. However, I´m quite insecure - I don´t know if he really likes me, so sometimes when it takes him longer to respond, i start to panic and when i see him during that "insecure" time, I´m acting shy and reserved.. so I noticed that he´s pulling back during those times.. but on the other hand I don´t want to be desperate, because I don´t know if he is really interested, so I don´t want to come up too intense.. what are your thoughts on this?

Can showing too much affection and interest be a turn off?


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  • It can still scare him off. You don't want to fall back into the same pattern that you were in before when you two dated. Stay reserved but friendly. Don't give him too much of you! But definitely don't hold back too much. Good luck!

  • I would first ask him if he is interested then that would solve all your problems. If he not interested then back off , but if he is then slowly show you're interested. Don't show too much affection at one time.


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