I don't know what's going on

Met a guy online about a couple of weeks ago. We've been chatting like everyday and he isn't much older than me (I am 17, he is 23) and I like that age difference. He lives about two hours away from me and we're meeting on Saturday before I go to work. He said he doesn't want a relationship right now because he doesn't want to drag me into his situation (He's in the Navy and he said he moves a lot and doesn't want to drag anyone into that hard situation with him unless he liked them a lot or if they wanted to put themselves in that situation with him). He also told me more than once that he does talk to all his exes and that he is friends with them and that he talks to other girls and he wanted me to be aware of that; but said he only talks to them like a friend. And that he talks differently with me than with them.

He said after this visit he wants to see if he can come up more. And we both like each other and we've stated it several times and there's some sparks. And he gave me his number a few days ago so we can text and then Friday night he called me just so we can talk on the phone and make it more legit than just talking online. We talked for about 2-3 hours and we were talking about ourselves and 'intelligent' things to sorta say. We call each other baby, babe, sweetie, honey, sweetheart, dearest, sexy and cutie. He said I was beautiful. We were texting almost all day yesterday and talking online on messenger as well. But he also told me not to fall in love with him or get attached and I told him I didn't want to be in love or to get attached yet and he asked me when I said I felt fuzzy inside about him if I was falling for him and I said no and he said that's bullsh*t so I said yeah I can't help it. I really want to be with him and I can tell he wants me too. And its easy to talk to each other. So should I just wait it out and for him to come around?

He also said that if he was dating me right now that he would just bang me and leave and that he didn't want to do that to me and that he's not like that. But he also said if he wanted to be with someone right now that he would be dating me and right now he sees me as a really good friend.


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  • I think there's too much of an age difference. I'm 20 and won't date a girl unless she's 18 mostly due to age of consent laws and differences between high school and college life.

  • your wasting your time, there's a 6 year difference and I think he's using the navy to his advantage to play the field with out and "strings" so if you feel it go for it but just be careful

    • I like older guys because I just have a better 'bond' with them to sorta say. Maybe he's being honest.

    • Ur right maybe he is, but like I said be careful because guys lie .... specially for sex. so be smart

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