Why's my boyfriend acting this way?

So on the 12th will be my bf and I 1 month and for the past 2 days he's been really quiet and hasn't talked much I asked him 2x what's wrong but I did this while we were in school and he kept saying: "Nothing's wrong". But i figured it might be because my friends are around 24/7 and won't leave us alone I told him I was sorry about them but he kept saying that it was fine. But I know it's not. Why is he acting like this? Is he getting bored of me?
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  • if they r around 24/7... then it\s OBVIOUS don't u see? ;-)


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  • ... So on the 12th will be my bf and 11 month and for the past 2 days he's been really quiet...
    Perhaps it is time you both sat down and had a serious soul mate convo. With one month short of a year here, dear, he may have been doing some soul searching of his own and it could be there is something that he can't tell you but really wants you to know...
    With no open lines of convo, this is no way to Continue this relationship. Silence is not so golden and without it being etched in stone, he could very well be tired of your but-in buds and may even think they take precedence over him and you.
    It could of course be other important factors in your relationship, but now would not be the time to take "No" for an answer with his hymning and hawing of... it was fine.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you... Yes Im going to try to talk to him tonight

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    • Thank you:)

    • :)) xxoo

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  • It's your friends. Especially the guy ones.


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  • It's probably due to your friends. He wants to spend more time alone with you.


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