Should I still go for him?

There's this guy I like, and I know he really likes me back (I heard him say so). But I said hi to him recently and after that it felt like he was being desperate. All of his friends were like surrounding me and it was really weird, I guess he wanted to talk to me but he was too scared so he brought all his friends? But I felt like I was being ganged up on or something. That's not th only reason why I'm uncomfortable but I feel that information is irrelevant. Anyway, I basically was just really uncomfortable in class and if he were to pass by to look at me I felt uncomfortable because his friend was making me feel uncomfortable. His friend kinda creeps me out, but I also really like him. I thought that if I were to date him, I would have to be mutual friends with his friends right?


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  • If you like the boy you have to like his friends, because they are all the same. And I think his friends like you, so just go out with the guy.

    • But I don't know how to start. He likes me I like him we both know and nothing's happening. And I bumped into him outside of school and he had a weird look on his face

    • I guess the last part doesn't matter but I don't know where to start

    • Ask him out first and see his reaction

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