GIRLS, when you are looking for a guy to date or something, what do you look for?

What do you look for in a guy and does size matter (body weight). I'm not totally fat but i do have muscle. I'm a but on the big side but not fat, i'am always nice to everyone and everyone says that, not just proclaiming it. And also.. for some reason girls say i have a nice smile and i look good in suits. That is basically me haha.

BUT what do YOU girls look for in a guy?


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  • GIRLS, when you are looking for a guy to date or something, what do you look for?
    I generally look for attractive facial features, hair color, eye color, height, weight, body shape, and body build.

    Does size matter (body weight)?
    Yes it matters to me since I'm not attracted to overweight or obese guys.

    • ok, thanks for being honest.

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    • So it seems this discussion is over. You appear to be cool now as you're no longer rampantly defending yourself against things I never stated. You appear to also be cool about me not answering a third personal question. Still unsure about your seeming logic 'I never said the negative things you're defending yourself against' = 'I'm a princess who always have to be correct' but whatevas.

    • your speak as if you're a lawyer lol. but yeah the convo is over, and i have nothing against you by the way

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  • in suits at yer age? u r still a boy bro... we r around the same age group basically

    • i can't wear a suit when i to school? i'am also in business

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  • I look for responsibility. Does he have a job, a car, any children. These things help me prove he already has a family's hat I don't wanna mess with. Or that he isn't a loser. Does he live with his parents still, or does he live on his own. Yes looks matter I don't like the huge unreal muscle type. Like they spend all day in the gym no I mean like they actually care about themselves. They take care of there smells.. Ya know.

    • hmm ok, do you care if he' shy at all?

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    • np :) thanks for describing to that other girl what i was trying to say haha

    • Your welcome!!!

  • Girls usually like built guys and stuff, just cause strength and girls want a guy that can pick them up or carry them, girls usually like tall guys as well but every girl has different likes and dislikes, but in the long run it all come down to personality.

    • i'm 5'11 (i know not that tall) and i can forsure pick a girl up lol. do yo care if he's shy?

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    • Well sounds like its going good, just keep it up and you'll be good! :)

    • ok thanks :)

  • A kindred spirit. But he must have patience, because I certainly don't. Body weight? I prefer slim fit men.

    • do you care if he's shy or anything at the start (that's how i am" and you also look beautiful :)

    • I don't mind if his shy at all. My partner was shy with me, it never bothered me in the slightest though. And thank you!

    • ok thank you for commenting and no problem :)

  • I usually notice a guy that sounds like you lol I like a little big with muscles... I love when a guy is kind and outgoing. I look for a guy who isn't shy in saying what he wants to if that makes any sense haha

    • yeah, well i'm shy but i need to work on that

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  • here's what most look for : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    you'll be damn lucky to find one that doesn't.

    • lol, i don't think all girls look for $

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