My crush still likes his ex how do I get over him?

I'm a fresham and the guy I like is a junior. I'm pretty sure he likes me back but he won't make a move even though he's drove me home once and he's said some stuff and I've caught him checking me out before to make it pretty obvious. Only problem is his ex girlfriend: I'm pretty good friends with his ex gf. They were together for a year and a half (they broke up first because supposedly he 'cheated on her with other girls' then They broke up a second time because he kept cheating on her or whatever. third time they broke up was because he dumped her for another girl I'm friends with and he allegedly cheated on that chick with six other girls :/
His ex gf also told me he tried to ask her out to prom this year and she rejected him and he cried XD she told me he has a lot of personal problems and that his family is really fucked up and that he always got mad at her for the smallest things. both his last two telationships ended because of fighting and cheating and I want to stay away from him but I can't. he drive me home once and we've only had two conversations but he's always different With me and he kind of teases me and is more of a gentleman with me when we're alone (but only when were alone) I feel like he still might have some feelings left for his ex even though they ended horribly and she thinks he's the biggest asshole ever. hiw do I get over him?


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  • that dude's a bloody cheater:( he's definitely not worth ur time. im ashamed to say i cheated before and i was acting like a gentleman to all the girls i played w. so i dont think that guy is genuine enough. but hey everyone can change tho that lad sounds like a pro dbag.

    • Problem is if u talk to someone's ex they'll only tell you the bad things. Unfortunately from what she's ssaid he sounds like he has a lot of issues to sort out before he's ready to date anybody πŸ˜‚

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  • I think you should meet more people.


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  • The fact that you are even into him makes me question your self esteem. You should go see a therapist for your OBVIOUSLY low self esteem

    • Bro I don't have low self esteem πŸ˜‚he's just really hot and it's hard to stop looking at someone with a really nice face. i don't want to date him I just want to stop fawning over his face

  • Don't do anything with this guy. It will just end badly.


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