Please help, so Confused what to do with girl who won't respond?

i was talking to this girl by text for two weeks heard about her from my friend. so we finally meet it was casual she said we should hang out sometime we hung out the second time we hung out we were pretty close she said she felt comfortable with me i said i did too. so i kissed her she said so what are we dating i said ya she said what are we i said i want to be your bf she agreed and was so excited. so the next day i go the whole day in class i didn't text her i dont text in class and we go to diffrent schools. so after i snapchat her saying im busy dont get mad if i dont text you im not she if she recieved it (bad signal). i snapchat her later saying hey. she sends me this "okay honestly your going to hate me but i dont know about us dating i thought i liked you and stuff and i am starting to realize its not gonna workout cause we dont really talk or whatever". i panic tell her how i feel some long message. she says some stuff saying she doesn't want to lead me on. i send her some long messages about how i feel this is my first gf she knows this i tell her i dont know what im doing im new to this. NO RESPONSE to about 5 more of my messages so i stop. i text her the next day saying im sorry about last night please respond can we hangout sometime as friends. Its been two days i haven't texted or called her. what should i do? and what did i do wrong? i like this girl and dont want to give up?


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  • There can be lots of reasons. lol. Seems to me like either she's not ready for a relationship (this can be the cause from her previous one if she has dated before) or she's having a crush on someone already, but still wants to be open. Yet, she's unable to let go of the feelings for her crush. Another reason is that she thinks she likes you, but thinking through, she does not feel the chemistry while being with you. You can still keep in touch with her and getting to know her now (don't mention anything about dating yet) and the see if she can think differently about you.


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