Help with an OK cupid situation?

Messaged a girl a few times on OK cupid, the convo kinda trailed off and I figured she lost interest or whatever. So then she responds saying she's sorry for not replying to me and wanted to get my number so she could text me after class. I replied like "hey no worries. Yeah my number is blah blah, send me a text when you have a minute." That was yesterday morning and she hasn't texted me yet. Now I'm just confused and wondering why she wanted my number if she wasn't gonna text me?


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  • She's pondering the situation and may not ever text. If this persists just convo her on OKcupid after a few more days and ask hey, i gave you my number are we going to talk?


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  • Maybe she was talking to a guy and she stopped texting you. Just as suddenly she texted you again because maybe whoever she was talking to stopped talking to her. SO she got your number to pick off where you guys left off.

    But I'm guessing that other guy started texting her again so there was no need to text you back. Just my Opinion.


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