Do you ever dream about your crush? Do my dreams mean anything?

So I was wondering if I'm the only one who dreams about a girl they like. Over the past 2 weeks or so, I've dreamt about her like 3 times. It's weird because even though I've known this girl since I was 10, I haven't seen her in like 3 years because she's 2 years older than me and she goes to a private school. And hey, I don't control this random stuff, so don't judge me haha. Does this craziness mean anything?

Dream 1: So I was at a high school or college with a cafeteria, and I was in me to buy some food. I remember I saw my crush working behind the counter in one of the lines (makes no sense because her family is rich), so I moved into that line. When I reached the counter, I remember feeling sad because she was taller than me (BS I'm 5'10). I walked up with a big grin and said "Hey I'll take these" She said "[My name], is that you?" I said "Yeah" and I chuckled a bit. She typed some stuff into the computer then looked up and grinned. "That'll be 100 billion dollars please" she said. I chuckled and said "It's worth it... I get to see you". She blushed and a group of girls in the line next to me went "Awww". Then she laughed and said "Are you trying to get free food from me?" I replied "Nah, I'm just trying to see your beautiful smile". She blushed again and the girls in the line smiled and went "Awww" again. At this point she took of her apron and walked out the side door of the building. When I walked up to her, she grinned and said "I'm quitting this job". I chuckled and asked "Really?", to which she laughed and replied "No, not really".

Dream 2: I was at some kind of gathering in a grass field with lots of people around, and I remember the sky was overcast. I was wearing a suit and tie, and I saw my crush standing there in this gorgeous dress. We talked for a little but I can't remember what either of us said, but I do remember seeing her mom there too. Her mom was sitting down but she looked like she was in pain so I got her some ice and my crush smiled.
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  • I had a dream about my crush twice it was night after night.

    Dream 1: I was at the grocery store check out. He came through the door with a big smile on his face and his arms open like he was going to hug me. So, I ran and hugged him and we both fell on the ground. Then I got up and ran to my car and started crying out of joy.

    Dream 2: {{Long but I'll make it short with less detail}} I had a dream I had two bros and I didn't know them. Then I went to school and asked my crush a question (I forgot) but, he said something mean and I called him a b word. Then this girl ease dropped and made a comment about it. I was so sad that I didn't reply. So, I went home my friend was in the bathroom (it was like the silver public stalls) I came in and was looking in the mirror and telling her about what happen. While I was telling her I called the girl a stank ass dumb ass or something like that. Anyway a guy that goes to my school heard me say it and went and told. While that happened I went and called him and said "Hey I'm sorry" but he hung up. I checked my window and she brought a crew to fight me. So, me, my bros, and my friend went to go and fight then I woke up

    • I like him A LOT! I told him that in person but, he doesn't feel the same I guess, he disnt even say anything after I told him he just had a straight face then walked away and he treats me different. I used to cry a lot. But, I no longer do. Im getting over him

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  • I used a 3D printer and super glue to make her a Captain America shield in my dream two days ago for her cosplay


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What Girls Said 2

  • I dream about my crush a lot. That said, I'm married to him. Part of the reason I think I do so much is because he works nights. So he leaves each night at 9:30 pm and he's the last face I see, the last kiss and the last voice telling me he loves me before I drift to sleep. @gray_sailor
    Occupies my thoughts much of the time. Love that man.

  • YES I dream about my crush all the time! The dreams never make sense though! If you dream about someone it means you're thinking about them so that's what I'm gonna take from it. He's obviously on my mind a lot, as this girl is on yours.


What Guys Said 3

  • Yes it's completely normal do not worry it is 100% find it happens to me and you can literally say she's the girl of your dreams then lmfao

  • Go to her!

  • no that is normal.

    and yes I used to do that


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