Don't Know What To Do?

There is this guy I know from years ago.
I am friends with him on Facebook but we haven't spoken to each other properly for years.
We don't live close by to each other anymore and are not in the same social circles.
We are both currently single and I have over time taken quite a shine to him as he has aged.
As we haven't spoken to each other for years and only made an odd comment now and then on Facebook.
Not seeing him I wouldn't know if he would be interested as not around him to see what sort of signals I would get if any.
I know it's a hopeless type of thing, but would be interested to see if there was anything there, what I can do, any advice?
Easier said than done lol, if only it was that easy, do random comment on the things I probably would on anybody's but not easy to strike up a conversation with someone you don't physically see, would be a bit weird just sending him a message through Facebook, what would he think? What would I say?


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  • Im in a similar situation. Start messaging him and get a conversation going. If you and him are continuely messaging back fast that is a good sign. Then id message him for a get together if he lives in your city area. Make it a date and he yours!


What Girls Said 1

  • Ask him out on a date.


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