As a 19 year old girl who has never been in a relationship, is it weird for me to date a 25 year old guy who had also never dated before?

I recently lost 100 lbs so I've never dated before, and he just lost 175 lbs and has also never dated anyone before. So we're both prude/virgins who are trying to start mingling with the real world. We have a lot in common other than the weight loss too. We both love punk music (he plays drums for a local punk band in our area) and we love a lot of the same tv shows and we have the same sense of humor.& We both smoke pot and cigarettes. And I don't know, he seems like he genuinely likes me. So is it weird because of our age difference?
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  • Remember that you're not choosing to marry him. Your just thinking of him as an option. Go ahead and see what happens. There is no harm on giving him a chance and seeing what happens


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  • You both have a lot in common.
    Just because you both weren't born the same year... something that minor should not set you a part.
    the age difference you and him have are common in many female/male relationships.
    It's not a big deal unless you make it.


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  • I'm firmly of the opinion that if he makes you happy, to hell with it, do it. If he's not predatory or abusive, then there isn't a problem at all in my mind.

  • I honestly think that an age difference spices things up a bit, as long as it's not pushing 8-9 years. Certainly it'll raise issues but nothing that can't be dealt with. Go for it. Don't die lonely.

  • Your wish.. Go for it.


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