Have you been to this kind of casual dating?

So i know casual dating means you are attracted to each other, have a good time sleeping and maybe chatting with each other. And you know it's casual becoz u know this isn't gonna lead to anything long term or just bcoz u dont want a serious relationship for now. I have been there, done that BUT i want a bit more. I'd like to hang out, i wanna spend a bit more time with him, i don't want him to sleep with anyone else n I'd do the same. I know it sounds kinda lame but i just can't help it. I know he's not THE ONE, but i wanna have a proper dating while we're in it. Is there anyone having the same problem or is it just me?



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  • In an ideal world casual dating should be a hell no. Men invented it to get all the good parts of the realationship without the responsibility. If that's what he wanted from the start move on, he's not worth it save yourself for a nice guy that will love you unconditionally

    • I agree, there are so many "types" of relationships nowadays that people are getting confused at what type they are in. I wish we could go back to the traditional one.

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  • Yep, same here :-) Only problem is there is no guy who is bothered by casual dating, it's only us girls...


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  • Naw girl I have a similar problem right now. Just seems like everybody's so "casual" these days...


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