Trade flat stomach for other things?

In todays world keeping a flat stomach is kinda hard and easy at the same time , but the question remains are flat stomachs really needed?
As much as i want to have a perfectly heatlhy life partner who has an amazing toned body (chances are it will never happen ) when i do see girls the last thing i think about is how flat their stomachs are , if they look good thats good enough for me i am not looking for a model so a little fat is not important at all to me... but what about girls , do they want a flat stomach or muscles? if you have some fat around your gut and waist but fairly muscular and toned everywhere else would that bit of fat even matter anymore?

iam interested of hearing from both guys and girls.


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  • I prefer fit, than just skinny, if that's what you're saying.

    It's unusual to be "fit", and overweight, though... so I'm a bit confused if that's what you meant.

    I just expect of my partner, what I expect of myself. If he gains a few pounds or loses some, it's cool. But if I feel it becomes unhealthy though, I'll start to wonder if our relationship is going anywhere.

    I guess it's because I like guys that care about taking care of their health and the body they're given. If they slip sometimes that's cool, but I don't really find consistently overweight people very attractive. ... And people that don't want to be healthy, I usually find to have issues in other areas as well. So... none of that baggage for me, thank you.


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  • It depends on the girl, I always get them to punch my abs as hard as they can and they seem to enjoy it lol

    • i think having muscles and low fat % is great but for most of us our bodies dont allow us to stay like that all the time.

    • true its a lot of hard work

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  • A flat stomach/abs are not the only thing I'm looking for, but it's important to me that any guy I date takes his physical fitness as seriously as I do. I wouldn't want to date a guy with less muscle than me though.

    Getting six pack abs has been a life goal of mine (not there yet) so while it's not a requirement I definitely appreciate it when a guy has a nice stomach.


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