How can I meet new guys when I'm in an all-female work environment and all my friends are females with hardly any male friends?

I'm 24 and single. I've only been in 2 short term relationships and I'd really like to meet new guys and start dating as I've never been on any dates with anyone except my past boyfriends. The problem is all my friends are females and they don't know any guys who they could introduce me to. I'm also a graduate student in an almost all-female work environment. There are a few guys but they're all in relationships.

I'm part of a student-run organization at college but there's only one guy on the board! I just feel like I'm destined to be single as no matter what I do I never get the opportunity to meet new guys.


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  • Well I understand where you coming from. I myself am an education major. Many times I have always been tempted to date the other girls cause in my college because It was basically 1guy:8girls ratio.

    So you can imagine all the options to date my fellow collegiate mates and I guess you need to date out of your field. Try online dating. I'm sure you will meet a guy! :)


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  • I used to be in a similar scenario as you. I was in a major that was pretty much all guys and then went to work at a machine shop. Again, all old guys. On weekends i used to frequent this Veterans, dive bar to chill... huge sausage fest lol.

    Do you hang out with your work/school friends outside of work or school?

  • Go somewhere. A mall, a park, a meetup group. Get out. Meet people. If a stranger approaches you, don't call him a creep, go on a date--it's normal human interaction. Straightforward.


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