How long before girls lose interest in a guy? Has my door closed?

A week ago I walked away from her when she came up to say hi at a party (stupid I know) and overheard her talking to her friends how she must not be my type.
Yesterday she came up to me and my group of friends and pulled me away to go study with her as everyone watched on and in particular the guys that have been chasing her for a while. This is VERY forward and out of the ordinary.

Today she seemed distant and I essentially got the cold shoulder. I mean she occasionally looked over to me and at one point we were leaning on each other and had a quick little chat before she jumped off. I'll admit the room was packed with people.

My friend who's good with woman gave me a kick up the butt saying I've not picked up on the signs and she's now starting to lose interest.

I want to get her number, ask her out and not be as hesitant but realistically, have I just missed the boat?
  • Yes, you are a nutter to have missed such obvious signs and not made a move
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  • No, she was having a bad day and only concentrating on study but if you don't make a move, you're a goner
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  • It's never too late to express your interest!


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  • If you don't step up to the plate and take a swing , you will surely get benched , that's for sure. I don't think she has closed the door all the way yet , but on the flip side it isn't as open as it was befor


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  • Make a move...
    Your window is closing, she is assuming you don't care

  • You've been a little slow, but it might still be fixable. Time for the direct approach!


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