Complicated reaction from a guy after first date. What should I make of it?

Classic isn't it? I just don't know what to make of his reaction.

So I dated this guy, who said that, following the polite convention undoubtedly, the date was nice. I also broke the golden rule of not jumping into the bed on the first date. The morning after was a bit awkward, but he seemed to be good enough to ask me to text him when I got home. After that we've been texting back and forth. Most of the time it is usually me who start the chat. The conversation is smooth with his replying promptly. He mentions about the second date, but does not totally commit to the prospect, claiming that he must work 9-5, therefore, is available only on weekends.

The second date is in the line. To my embarrassment, I was the one who invited him out for a day. But I have no expectation to spend the night with him. But it seems that he has been looking forwards to it. He texted to invite me to see him at his place. So I thought his expectation for this is due to that day I let myself strayed from my rule not to sleep with a guy on the first date. He seems to be polite and in control of his action for this date. I always feel that I am the one who chases, and he the one who waits for my offer.

My question is: should I just drop the expectation in this relationship and move on because it seems like he does not value my affection much beyond the four edges of the mattress?


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  • If you two click and you want to feel it out more, then by all means do. A lot of people break the golden rule. It doesn't take away from who you are. My recommendation? Ease up. Let him chase you a little bit. That doesn't mean stop reaching out completely but ease up on the constant initiation of conversation... If he suggests another date, tell him you are looking forward to it and ask him where he'd like to take you on said date, with a smiley face or a winky face. If you two live rather close, ask him to pick you up for dinner or day date...

    I don't know. I wouldn't give up on it. I've been there before where I thought someone was all about the physical. I ended up really hurting him by walking away.. long story. Regardless, do what you think is best.


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