Can you trust a guy after he dates someone who betrays you

I've known this guy Ricky now for over a year. At first I thought he was a rude cocky guy. Then I started to like him and we flirted for a couple of months. Just as things started happening between us my "best friend" moved back to town. I introduced them and he still kept his attention on me while flirting with her discretely. After a couple months I was fed and I told him I didn't want to speak to him anymore. After a couple of weeks things were cleared up and we decided just to be friends. He started flirting with my "best friend". However my "best friend' and I weren't friends anymore because she was spreading rumors about me, lets call her Sami.

At some point Sami started flirting with Ricky's friend and apparently things got pretty heated between. She later accused this guy of raping her. It turned out to be false she never went to the police so only rumors circulated. One day I was spending some time with Ricky and we talked about why he was still friends with her after she had lied about something so important. He said he was moving, later in the conversation we started talking about us and I asked if he'd ever wanted to date me. He replied he wanted to but wasn't sure how to ask me. Then he said he might remedy that. A week after we talked he started dating Sami!

I talked to him two days ago and he said he was going to break up with her. I guess My question after writing this long explanation is should I tell him I still like him? Should I go for it after he dated the one person who betray me? Can I trust him even though I had to find out from another friend they were dating?


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  • I have to say this Ricky guy seems to have no loyalty whatsoever how could he date someone who had falsely accused his friend of raping her


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  • I hear you. I had this EXACT same thing happen to me. Only she didn't accuse any one of raping her. What happened was my best was dating this guy and I liked his best friend and he kept telling me he liked me and acted like he did. Well after I told her I liked him she dumped her boyfriend and started dating his best friend. And let me tell you from experience. It sucks. And if he is willing to do that to you. You don't mean as much to him as he does to you. I don't talk to my best or him any more and they have now been dating for almost a year. It might have been a good thing for them but I see it as they lost a best friend. Its not worth all the hassle. I mean if he is telling you these things that's he's breaking up with you. He doesn't mean it. Because if he did. He wouldn't have said "I'm breaking up with her" he would have said "I broke up with her"

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