Why did he ask me who was texting me?

I went on a date the other day. Everything went great, we ended up kissing and had a fun time. Towards the end of the night, my mom called me around midnight. I texted her back and he looked at me and asked me who it was. He even said "oh are you texting your mom is your own language?"

Around 2 am I decided to say goodnight and got my coat. As I was getting ready I looked at my phone once. He said "Your mom again?" I said no and said it was a friend who had texted. He then said "That's a bit late for a friend to be texting at that time.."

by the way I only looked at my phone a few times - I wasn't glued to it or anything like that because I wouldn't wanna be rude. But why would he ask me those questions?


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  • He is insecure and he don't want to loss you.

    • This. He likely has issues with trust, maybe from a past relationship. You could do with seeing if he's able to talk about that stuff before you risk getting involved with someone who may be possessive.

      It may not be a bad thing, after all, everybody hurts. But it's best to see if he's able to talk about his insecurities.

    • Yes
      You are right

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  • Uhh he sounds possessive/controlling... it's none of his business who texts you when you guys aren't even dating... but that's just how some guys are (insecure). He is scared he may have competition for your affections. But to me on the first date> That is red flag!


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  • Without being their I don't know.

    He's either possessive and controlling or he feels you're giving of signals of not being single.

  • He's controlling/possessive of you.


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