Is my shy nature the reason i'm single?

So when i go out i am shy, reserved type. Guys do approach but always players that spy a laidback good girl.

People in general act weird around me like i make them uncomfortable in some way. As i am a bit quiet i keep thinking i am boring but i am not once ice is broken.

I am fun , but i look sad a lot as i had depression an i am inssecure about my looks. Working on it though. When i see a guy i like i freeze an if he talks i don't respond so i give wrong impression. Not had bf for a while but do want one.

I've met a nice guy from what i can see an i guess due to bad experiences with men an being hurt i find it hard opening up. I work a lot but in my freetime would love to date someone special.

How do i stop holding back an go for it. I hate being shy it makes me feel sad an lonely. I want to settle down an move out. I am also a virgin not had ltr so i want to pick the wrong one.


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  • BLAH! Don't listen to that blondiefrog dude. I may be younger but I have gone through a similar thing.
    It is like half and half. Half your nature half your subconscious choosing. a year ago I was like yourself, shy to new people and with the way I carried myself people (who have later told me) seemed snobby like I was belitting everyone. I'm not sayin you are doing this, this is just my case. I would meet friends and they'd learn the truth that I was a fun person but others wouldn't and I'd still act the same around those I didn't know. I was scared of how others would judge me tbh and due to my past experiences with family I too found it hard to open up.

    It wasn't until around last year when I finally opened up and stopped caring about what others thought. Granted, it was due to me meeting and actually talking to a guy with an attraction between us for the first time, but it still triggered something in me that changed. Don't get me wrong, when I started I felt awkward and unsure whether I was doing it right or not but then as time went on and we got closer I realized thats just it.

    There is no right or wrong way to talk to people and not give a care. Show them a smile and you're already more than halfway there. Yes, there are times I wanna stay in my room all day or not talk to people new but thats just the 50% nature I was talking about. But as time is passing that 50% is going down and I am opening up more and more. I've gained more confidence and I have met so many people I love.

    In short, basically there isn't some method one can do to stop being shy. It's whatever works for you. My case, I smiled and let myself go. I suggest it despite it being hard and awkward at first. You can do it (:
    (And if you stay with the guy he gets to see you evolve and it'll make him like you even more possibly. At least it did for mine (:)

    Hope this helped beautiful!

    • Thank you so much. Guess i care way too much of what people think of me an i need to let go,. chill an enjoy life more :) i will get there one day!

    • It takes time, it's not an overnight thing but if you nurture yourself and give yourself a chance, you can do it no problem (: I noticed my changes beginning just three months after I subconsciously started. (:

    • Ok thanks i will take each day as it comes. An stop worrying what others think an concentrate on me

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