I tend to become attracted to guys who are strong, confident and aggressive, but it doesn't last with them. Where can I find a really good one?

I don't feel it if a guy is too soft. I met a guy at a bar who was tall and strong and he approached me confidently and complimented my figure. We went on a few dates, and we were back at his place. We were making out and he hugged me tightly and lifted me. He started rubbing my arms and kissing my neck, and started feeling my belly skin under my shirt. He sat on the bed and pulled me towards him, pushing my shirt up and kissing my belly roughly and one thing led to another. A while after that, he came to meet me at a beach gathering. I tied my shirt to feel breeze on my skin. He came behind me and put his hands on my belly and I moved them. A while later he was passing me by and his hand went for my belly again and I blocked it. I covered my belly and he got the hint.


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  • I don't understand the question... But I got a boner...


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