What should I do?

I have this guy friend and we have been good friend for almost a year now. I had feeling for him at the beggining but he got a girlfriend and over time I just kinda lost them. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and was starting to talk to me more frequently then normal and we started hanging out more. Last night I hung out with him and his roommates and we had a party, we both got some what drunk. Later we went back to his room to watch some tv, but I was falling asleep while watching. Not even 30 minutes later he started to make out with me, this went on for maybe an hour. He wanted it to go farther, but I'm not ready for sex yet, (Yes I'm still a virgin) I told him that and he stopped everything. In the morning, he apoligized for everything that happened and said he want to just be friends for right now, which I was agreeing from the start. He hugged me before I left and apoligized like 3 more times. I feel like we both kinda used each other as he did just break up with his girlfriend, and I am looking for a relationship. I just really don't know what to do, I still have some feelings for him but I have feelings for someone else too.


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