Would he date me?

I rejected a guy and he cut his wrist. i am not sure if it was for me or some other person.

1. why is he so attached?
2. would he date me if i said yes now.

He is getting married to someone else.. does that mean he is over the crush coz he still flirts.


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  • Him being engaged is one issue, but the fact he slit his wrist is a bigger one. Are you sure you want to be with someone who is suicidal and should be in a mental hospital getting help?

    I have compassion for mentally ill people, as I'm Bipolar I, but I think he needs to get his issues under control before he worries about being involved with anyone.

    As for you, it's NEVER your fault when someone does that kind of bullshit. They may try and say they will or they did this because of you, but that's their choice and not yours.

    I think you'd be better off staying away from this guy and lets hope he gets the help he needs.


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  • If he is getting married then leave him alone. If he still flirts, brush him off. Don't lower yourself to a homewrecker. You're better than that. You only want him now on the simple fact that he is now a challenge. You had your chance and you threw it out the window. Now you need to walk away again.


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  • He is getting married to someone else, why do you give a fuck? You already brushed him off

    • Unless it hurts your ego

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    • He is getting married , leave him alone

  • Did you have laundry detergent for dinner?

  • i guess he's gonn be married 4 other reasons then (money, etc) but emotionally he's attached 2 u basically!

    • would he date me if i warmed up to him.

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