So, girls really do just ignore me?

Wow, I text my best friend and ten minutes waiting for a reply is a long time, I text three girls and hours for a reply is the average, ah women...


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  • Guys do it too. I texted a guy I like and he takes anywhere from 4-5 hours to get back.

    • Yuh-huh, well, almost every girl does that to me, except the dumb ho that doesn't seem to realize I won't ever like her back.

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  • The reason you get ignored a lot is because its just pointless texting. Your giving her meaningless text that lead her nowhere. If you really want to get her attention ask her "what are you doing right now" if she text "nothing" or something boring like "laying on my bed" ask her if she wants to go to the movies, aquarium, or run an erand with you. Anything to get her out of her home. I bet you'll get a lot of replies back.

    • Eh, I hate texting anyway, it's a waste of time. Anyway, know what, high school girls are stupid, vapid, and almost completely worthless, I wish I could wait till college.

    • *shrug* whatever floats your boat. good luck kid...

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  • Hey it sucks man but women are the choosers so if you bat 1/10, i'd say that's great!

    Keep swinging, it's okay. Don't stop trying, you'll start making contacting and grounding out, to getting on base to hitting home runs but FIRST:

    - you need to strike out a lot.

  • That's why I don't text lol

    • Wow, one girl texted me first and I was busy, when I reply what does she do? Read my text and purposefully ignore it.

    • yep its childish

    • Well, almost every girl I know is a bitch, well, fuck them, I'm done with them, all of them.

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