Should I be mad?

I met this guy through my old friend. Things went well between us until he ended it with me. It was kind of messy because he had told my friend about it first. 3 months later they come to me and tell me they want to date each other. They spent 3 months ignoring me. He said he didn't know how to respond to me... he thought I was angry. I was only hurt because my friend said he had only wanted sex. I thought he played me. They both admit that this situation is messy but that they will date each other no matter how I feel. She's telling me I shouldn't be mad because he ended it with me months ago. It's not that he moved on that makes me mad... its that he's with her now. Also they both ignored me for months prior to them realizing they liked each other. How would you guys feel?
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I should include she did have a bf at the time they were ignoring me and hanging out together. Apparently they bonded over the fact they had been in sexless relationships. She didn't ever complain about her sex life until he came around.
Him and I never dated. We spent 2 months talking online and only hung out twice because he was busy. We discussed having feelings for each other. The woman was my friend of 14 years though


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  • Id be mad yeah

    • They told me they didn't plan it. They were both discussing sexless relationships (she had a bf). I get people can't control feelings, but they don't have to date each other

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    • Hry how are you?

    • I'm okay. You?

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  • I would not be calling that girl a friend.

    • Thanks, she was my friend of 14 years and yet only knew that guy for a year.

    • You never know how much someone is a real friend until the friendship is tested.

    • Good point! I'm not the first person she has backstabbed for a guy either.

  • Cut both of them out of your life. You are better off without both. Lol at friend. What the fuck is even a friend anymore? Smh.

  • They deserve each other

    • Thanks. I'm guessing you would be mad too?

  • If you dumped him, A. If he dumped you, B.

    • Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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    • He ended things with me.

    • Well, then B. Congrats, you are a member of The Jilted Lover's Club. We meet at the bar on weekends. 😉

  • People always show their true colors. Believe what you see and fuck what you hear. Move on and keep both of them out of your life.


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