Is he really over me?

I met this guy in college about four years ago, according to some friends in common he's had a massive crush on me for all those years, I've been normal with him but apparently I can be too harsh or "unaccesible". He's a very sweet guy and my friend told me I might "scare" him. Anyway I wasn't very interested on him so I wasn't really trying to make the first step but since a few months ago I felt like he's been less nice to me, almost like he's ignoring me sometimes, I know he's very stressed lately but I feel like he's acting like that ONLY with me. I've been trying to talk to him because I feel like we could give it a try but I'm not very sure he's still interested. What do you think? Should I try to start a relationship with him or just forget about it?


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  • if you didn't treat him specifically especially bad then he probably does still POTENTIALLY like you. i know i still like all the girls i used to like unless they treated me bad. but if you really want him you will have to show him you're interested none of that hard to get stuff.


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