How far will confidence get you?

If there was an ugly, short, fat guy with acne and a fedora, if he was somehow deluded into thinking he was God's gift to women, would being that way actually help him, or would having a realistic view of his self worth be in his own interests?

Another question, loosely related: Is a con man well cut out for dating? (I mean effective at getting women to be receptive of his advances.)
  • Yes, confidence will help, even if it's delusional. Con men are good at dating.
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  • No, only realistic confidence is good, not thinking you're better than you are. Con men are good at dating.
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  • Yes, confidence will help, even if it's delusional. Con men aren't good at dating.
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  • No, only realistic confidence is good, not thinking you're better than you are. Con men aren't good at dating.
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If you're voting C, why? You think it's only helpful if you (a guy) believe the rubbish yourself too?
Any other views on this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Confidence WITHOUT looks that "I" find physically + sexually attractive = TOTAL FAIL

    • Is it better, worse or equal to being just as unappealing but lacking confidence?

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    • Okay. Thanks for answering.

    • ... yw. Good luck out there dude xo

Most Helpful Guy

  • Confidence isn't delusion, it's accepting your weaknesses and amplifying your strengths and passions. The short, fat guy could perhaps amplify his sense of humor and build oh his intellect. He could go to the gym and have a body that he's proud of. That's real confidence, not delusion.

    • I'm asking about being so confident that it is delusional, compared with being typically confident, and which of those is more effective.

    • To answer your question, the second one is more effective.

      Being "so confidence that it is delusional" isn't confidence, it's delusional. If you think you're going to Vegas to win a million dollars playing slots over the weekend, that's a level of confidence in no way grounded by rationality and common sense. That's delusional.

      Real confidence is the answer. Being delusional is not.

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  • If a person thinks that he is gods gift to the women, while he isn't (if he has a bad personality, no humour, and all negative stuff), then thats a very turn off i think.

    Confidence actually is to not be afraid to be yourself, and accepting your flaws (and maybe improving them (e. x. cgetting humour)). No one is perfect.
    Embrace what you like about yourself and accept what you dont like about yourself

  • confidence only gets you to the door. It puts you on her radar. But it doesn't mean anything if you aren't her type at the end of the day. Like, if she has specific height requirements, good luck using your confidence to get her to date you if you're shorter/smaller than she is. Confidence is obviously important, but don't forget the other stuff... because girls want pretty much the whole package

  • It would help him in that rejection wouldn't phase him as much. He'd get rejected just as much as he would if he wasn't confident, it just wouldn't phase him.

    So there's not necessarily an increase in success, he simply goes from...
    "She rejected me because I'm so ugly, why even try? Fuck my life"


    "Well, on to the next one, deuces bitch 😎✌️"

    • Do you think that's the same with attractive guys, or does being confident actually get women to say yes to attractive guys that they would reject if they weren't confident?

    • Confidence is simply icing on the cake when it comes to attractive guys. They could already get women, but they don't necessarily need to be confident.

      It would definitely make it even easier for them, but they would be getting offers regardless.

  • Conmen are good at dating, but bad at relationships. They can hold a girl's attention for as long as they are able to fool her, but when the facade falls its over.

    • It'd be better than not dating at all...

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    • Being a conman = more successful dating, but little to no chance of relationships.
      Not being a conman = less successful dating, but the dates that do work out tend to result in relationships.

      So like I said, it depends on what you want.

    • If he's not getting any dates though, he might as well try being a con man - not that many guys are cut out for that.

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