Should I ask him to hang out with me or would it be awkward?

I just added on facebook the guy I have been having a crush on since the beginning of the year. We have no commun friends and I'm new to that place so I don't have much friends. We had few classes together at the beginning of the year but I had never talked to him since Wednesday online ( just few words). We didn't talk much because I didn't want to be intrusive but he was pretty nice and outgoing. Since it´s the end of the year and I don't want to waste my time anymore, should I ask him to grab a drink or something?


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  • Well first you need to make sure he actually liked talking to you and if he did then yeah you should ask him if he wants to hang out sometime.

    • thank you! I think I'm gonna ask him tonight... or not and regret it later :p

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