Approaching a stranger girl and saying this to get her number... ?

Not really experienced with girls or anything and i am not even someone who talks a lot ( well except around friends and people i feel comfortable around... have lots of those by the way ) but i am actually quite smart, witty and a good conversationlist , i know what to say and usually careful and try to speak well and not get too personal or act like a d! ck with people i dont know, basically know what to and when to say it and how to be nice and act like i actually care... but one problem I still have have and that problem is approaching girls, while i did have a realtionship with this girl, nothing serious never got the chance to go serious with her , but i am planning on approaching random girls atm, i am good looking ( i assume since female coworkers seem to enjoy my comapny and they tell me that i look really good and girls in general give me looks most of the times and they're nice when i ask for something or help ) My place of choice would be the mall, so many girls and so many choices single and taken girls, young and old there to shop or hangout and meet people... etc but what do i say.

Lets say i enter a store and spot a cute girl and she gives me few looks , so i approach her ask with a warm smile and say :
me : whats the time?
Girl: { she anwers} probably the time
Me : Do you know me?
Girl : {her answer} will probably say no
Me: well me neither actually, hope you enjoyed the holidays and had fun
Girl:at this point she could either say yes or try to walk away, in case she says yes i will say...
Me: Great with 'with a smile' , listen i dont know you but you seem really nice and you are pretty so i would really like to get to know you... maybe you we can chat sometimes , what's your number?

DO you think its a good way of approaching girls? in my heard it seems like the safest way , worst case scenrario she tells i have a BF or walks away without giving me anything so i will not be embarassed and


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why are you asking if she knows you, that's bit is odd.

    Also, I wouldn't give my number out even to a guy I thought was cute. He can give me his number.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I personally wouldn't do it, girls are pretty cold anyway she's likely to tell you to fuck off

    • well i guess i will keep doing it until it works

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What Girls Said 2

  • No I think that's bad, I probably wouldn't give you my number. Do something more flirtatious like compliment her or make a joke, not ask for the time.

  • Uhh first of all everyone has a phone hahah sooo the whole do you know the time would be weird to me and will get the sense you are trying to get my number.. Girls like a little bit of a challenge


What Guys Said 1

  • Not bad but keep in mind every women have different key. Personally I dont prefer to prepare words. But your scinario not that bad


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