In love with my guy friend.. fuck me... what do I do?

We have been friends for a long time, i have very strong feelings for him and its not mutal ikniw that... what should i do? Distance myself from him or try and act normal? I have no it hurts a little so thats where im lost.. because i dont like feeling like that.. sigh... i have bad luck.


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  • If you know it's not mutual you don't need to do anything at all. Everything is self resolving. Longing is not really a "thing" unless you make it such.

    • We have slept together though and he still wants to...

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    • I know right... he says no strings attached... he sends mixed signals but i know he isn't into me on more... romantic level lol

    • Quit being around him then.

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  • You can only move on by distancing yourself from him :/

    Male and female friendship are like friends with benefits , mostly one will like the other while the other have no feelings at all.


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  • Distance yourself from him. I don't know actually. I haven't had a crush in the longest time. I don't have time for that

  • why can't it be mutual?

    • We have already discussed it vaguely

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