How long should I wait to call her after getting her number?

I was seeing this girl once a week for an hour for 10 weeks for a peer to peer support thing. I got her number on the final day of the peer support meeting. Since we had a pretty good bond during the 10 week sessions. I am not so sure how long I should wait to call her. I was thinking calling her somewhere between 3 to 5 days later, or on the day we used to meet up basically. It's been two days already since I got her number.

My idea was to wait the following week and call her the day we used to meet up for peer support. Joke around telling her that I was waiting for her at the spot for peer support, but I am not sure if waiting this long is okay.


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  • Call her now before its too late :') at least you trying..


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  • Call her today.


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