He said he had fun but didn't ask me on another date. Was he not into me?

Long story short. Went on a date the other day and everything went great. We ended up kissing at the end of the night.
Two days later, I sent him a text to tell him thanks or everything. He replied back with "Hi! Pleasure! Thanks for accompanying me." and later sent me "It was fun"

I didn't know what to make of it.. Does it sound like he doesn't want to go on another date after he didn't mention it?


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  • It means that hw doesn 't feel comf. Asking u 4 a 2nd date basically

    • You mean he didn't like me or he's not sure whether I like him and so he doesn't ask?

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  • How many days have passed since the last time you saw him?


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  • Sounds like he wasn't really into it


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